Brief history of the college

Zhambyl Humanities College named after Abay is one of the regional specialized educational institutions of professional education. The college was founded on October 1, 1920 in the city of Shymkent as a pedagogical technical school.

These data was taken from the state archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The first director was appointed S. Aizunov. In 1920-26 years the teaching staff

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28 yaer
In the field of education
60 +
Graduates in 2017


In may of 2016 on the base of college, together with National chamber of businessman, the Department of Education of the city of Almaty, basic preschool institutions and comprehensive schools of the city of Almaty there has begun work at the educational cluster.

The activity within a general education cluster will allow to solve most effectively professional pedagogical problems and also as much it possible to improve the preparation of pedagogical problems and also, as much as it possible improve the preparation of pedagogical personnels. On the base of an educational Cluster will also work “Center of the Competence”

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College’s social partners are preschool educational institutions. Schools and in average higher education, boarding schools and public organizations.

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